Don't grow up too fast

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So often these days I think  of Kyra as 11 going on 16.  She just seems to be growing up entirely too fast!  She is always texting her friends, logged onto facebook, talking on the phone or rolling her eyes at me when she thinks I'm not looking.  She is a great kid, don't let that other stuff fool you.  Yesterday she cleaned Gracie's room for her and baked her dad a birthday cake!

On Friday, her friend Madison came for a sleepover.  They took my camera and said that they needed to do new photos for their facebook.  Great.  I could only imagine what they were going to come up with.  So I did the job of downloading the pics onto the computer, thinking that I would be able to edit out whatever I didn't think was appropriate.  Wasn't I surprised to see what fun, silly pictures they took of each other!  It's good to know that she isn't growing up too fast, it just seems that way.


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"Where can we find happiness? Happiness is not found in a tranquil life free of storms and tempests. Real happiness is found in the struggles we undergo to realize our goals, in our efforts to move forward."- Buddhist Philosopher Daisaku Ikeda

So that is what struggling is for...oh, I am so on my way to happiness!  Seriously though.  Don't you always seem to feel so happy and content once you have weathered the storm and come out on the other side.  Or reached for those impossible goals and achieved them?  Nothing good ever came easy, right?  I have to say that even with all of the struggles that have presented themselves to me lately, I really am happy.  I have never felt more at peace in my entire life.  Life is good and I am happy.


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The word of the day boys and girls is CHERISH.  My girlfriend Cheri loves this word, her name is in it!  And I do cherish my girlfriends.  I love how different people in your life bring different "spice" into your life.  Cheri brings laughter and inspiration.  She is the most talented, creative person I know.  Seriously, she can make ANYTHING!  She is amazing.  Janelle brings JOY and happiness.  She has been in situations that would bring you to your knees, but she always manages to rise above.  Lemonaid out of lemons, spreading sunshine.  Ida brings peace and silliness.  She can sugar coat any situation like nobodys business.  And I absolutely love her for this.  My family.  I love them with all my heart.  Each of them has such unique personalities and they each bring out the best in me.  Thank you.


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I got a compliment the other day from a gal that I had met a few weeks ago. Actually I went to high school with her but didn't know her back then.  Technicalities!  ANYWAY...  She told me that I inspire her! I was amazed. I know that I am inspired by people, movies, books, art... all the time, but to actually be the inspiration for someone else. Pretty darn exciting! Who inspires you?  Tell them, it will make their day!


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"There is no true joy in a life lived closed up in the little shell of the self. When you take one step to reach out to people, when you meet with others and share their thoughts and sufferings, infinite compassion and wisdom well up within your heart. Your life is transformed. " - Buddhist Philosopher Daisaku Ikeda

I've been thinking a lot about "bodhisattva".  Everyone has it in them.  It is their compassion and wanting to help others.  Why is it so hard to remember that we should try to appeal to someone's bodhisattva nature when we are dealing with people.  Sometimes I get it.  Like when I go around fundraising for the school asking for donations.  A lady from school had asked me once how I got people to give donations all the time.  I had told her that I just go in there expecting that they want to help.  And usually they do.  So why do I forget this same concept when asking for something that I want/need?  I think that sometimes when we are in a bad spot it is easy to feel like its us against them.  That the system works agains us.  But think about how ridiculous that sounds.  Why would that person be in that job/position if they didn't want to help.  Why is it easier to set ourselves up for failure rather than success?  Human nature?  And why?  Well I say poo on that go with the concept of bodhisattva and see how your view of the world changes.  Invite joy in!

Letting Go

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Letting go.  Funny how these 2 little words can have two very different outcomes.  It can be losing or winning.  Walking away or opening your heart to something new.  Or both at the same time!  Today I was challenged big time.  I had the opportunity to yell "in your face, comes around goes around" to a couple of people in my life that have caused me grief and suffering, which then led to bitterness and anger.  It has been festering for years.  I would think that I was "over it", but something would come up or be said and I was right back at the beginning.  But not today.  Today I let go.  I am done with it all.  All the bitterness, pain and drama.  The blame and the hurt.  Done.  I let go.  And boy do I feel good!  A physical pressure has been lifted off my heart.  Literally I felt myself let go of it.  Amazing.  Why didn't I do this years ago?  I know why.  I wasn't ready.  Well I am now and I let go!  Watch out world, here I come.

ATTITUDE is Everything!

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Okay so we've all heard it before in so many ways, but until you actually believe it...  Since I have been chanting/praying I have had such peace.  Normally when the crisis hits, I hide.  In a curled up ball, closed off from the world in a black pit of depression.  Not anymore!  My whole outlook on life has done a 360.  Everytime that I am hit with another "crisis", I turn it into an opportunity.  Don't get me wrong, yesterday I was having a couple of moments, but with a little help from my friends, I was able to look at all of the positive in the situation and build on it.  The positive attitude applied to my situation caused me to seek out other opportunities for help.  I know in my heart that I will get through this and my attitude is going to help get me there!


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Peace. Isn't that what we all wish for? In some way, shape or form. Peace in the world. Peace in our souls. Peace in our relationships. Peace from finacial burdens. Just PEACE!


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I just had 2 sales in 2 days on etsy!  I am over the moon excited.  I have so many new things that I am working on to add to my shop.  I am looking into adding prints and listing some originals.  I am also WAY excited to be adding some fun jewelry using my art work.  Will post as soon as I get some made.  I feel that I am on my way...

These are the cute cards that Barbara of Touch of Silver just bought.  Check out her etsy shop.

Thanks Barbara!  Now I need to get my butt out to my studio to get these orders packaged up.

PS - Worked a full day at office today.  Life is Good.

OMG I Did IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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It is going on 11pm.  I have been sitting at this damn computer since about 3:30 trying to get my etsy shop to be on my blog.  Thank you for you help.  I felt like I was losing my mind!!!!  This really shouldn't be that hard.  Unfortunately I do not speak computer.  Pretty much not at all.  I thought that I knew a thing or two, but no, I don't.  And the crazy thing is, I still don't know HOW I ended up getting my shop on here!  Good grief Charlie Brown.  Good Day and Good Night :)


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 I just saw this great quote, "For me FAITH means no worries".  I love that.  That is where I am right now, for this moment anyway.  I have faith that things are going to work out and that I do not need to be worrying about everything all the time.  Today, I believe.