Letting Go

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Letting go.  Funny how these 2 little words can have two very different outcomes.  It can be losing or winning.  Walking away or opening your heart to something new.  Or both at the same time!  Today I was challenged big time.  I had the opportunity to yell "in your face, comes around goes around" to a couple of people in my life that have caused me grief and suffering, which then led to bitterness and anger.  It has been festering for years.  I would think that I was "over it", but something would come up or be said and I was right back at the beginning.  But not today.  Today I let go.  I am done with it all.  All the bitterness, pain and drama.  The blame and the hurt.  Done.  I let go.  And boy do I feel good!  A physical pressure has been lifted off my heart.  Literally I felt myself let go of it.  Amazing.  Why didn't I do this years ago?  I know why.  I wasn't ready.  Well I am now and I let go!  Watch out world, here I come.