The Power Within

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The power within, the power within...  This is from Sponge Bob, sometimes we go around the house saying this and we all laugh.  But the thing is the power does come from within.  When we can master our mind, control our thoughts and our reactions to whatever comes our way, that is when we have the power.  I tell my girls all the time that they can't control how people act, but they can control how they react.  Great advice, when am I going to start taking it?  Nobody can beat me up like I can.  Nobody can knock me down and control me like I can, so why not start lifting myself up?  I went to a therapy session last week and one of the things that she talked about was our own "self talk".  Last night at a study meeting a guy made a point that if we had a loud speaker coming from our head broadcasting our thoughts, we'd probably start changing them.  You are the most important person in your life, so why do we abuse ourselves so much?  This is all very baffling.  Apparently I am a slow learner and have to keep telling myself of my own self worth.  I have many people in my life that uphold me, tell me what a good job I am doing with this or that.  But the most influential speaker in our lives is ourselves.  So today I am declaring I Am Worthy!  I do have the power within, I just need to draw from it and use it.