Spring time in Montana

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This morning as I drove Kyra to school the sun was shining on the snowcapped mountains and it was beautiful.  Majestic.  By the time I took Gracie to school an hour later it was not so sunny, but not too bad.  Went to Jade's and came out to gloomy clouds and a bit of drizzle.  Had lunch and watch hail/snow accompanied by terrible wind.  Came home to grab something and was pointing out to Janelle the flowers that were starting to come up.  I have some "flags" that originally came from my great, great grandma's garden in South Dakota.

As I sat down to write this outside the window was snow everywhere and now there a big patches of blue sky.  Go figure.  I love it when people ask me what the weather is like in Montana.  It depends on what time you ask the question!

I hope that you all have more balance in your life today than the weather here in Montana.


Cathi said...

This is out my front door. Spring ain't it grand!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm glad I got to enjoy most of that weather with you. Your comments on my weather blog made me think...I made some changes in wording. Not because of peer presure, but because I'm picturing myself in a better way. Thank you!

TheMcClures said...

My bliss is that I'll soon be able to enjoy the changeable Montana. There's nothing better than stew in a crockpot and the fireplace roaring. Soon.

Janet said...

YEAH!! I'm so glad you got the comment section to work, there has been so many times that I've wanted to write something and I haven't been able to! Yes, Montana weather is so unpredictable, a lot like life....just when you think you know what's coming you are thrown some kind of a curve ball!! Keep up the awesome job here on your "blog", I truly love reading your insights. You are an amazing, talented woman, I am SO proud of you!!