Sunny Sunday Morning

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The sun is shining!!!!  That in itself is reason enough to be uplifted today and to smile all day long.  It is family day and while the rest of the family is still tucked in bed, I am awarded a few moments of peace and solitude.

Maybe we will go on a hike today.  Or work on the yard.  Or play volleyball.  Or...  The possiblities are great when the sun is shining!  Yesterday at the first farmer's market of the year, I picked up a loaf of huckleberry beer bread from the Polebridge Bakery.  It is devine.  Made even more so by using it to make stuffed french toast.  Yummy!  Sunday is the only day that we get to do the big breakfast thing.  At least until school is out.

Whatever we decide to do today I want to be in the moment.  I was reading my friend Melissa's blog the other day about being in the moment and it made me think about how little time I spend there.  It seems that I am always doing at least 2 things at once and thinking about something else while I am doing them.  So, I am really trying to focus and be present.  Life is good and I don't want to just keep going through it, I want to LIVE it!!!


Janet said...

Oh to be so is so important to take advantage of things while you have you have them AND to be THANKFUL!!