Ah-ha Moment

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Isn't it amazing how the universe works?
Yesterday, my good friend Ida calls me up and invites me to her Buddist Womens meeting.  Now, I was raised Christian, so this was a little "out of the blue", but I was game.  Let me just say, "Oprah, I have had a life changing, Ah-ha Moment"!  I have always believed in karma of sorts, you know, what comes around goes around, do the right thing or it will come back to bite you in the ass, but had never gotten to the point where I had put faith into that idea.  Actually ASKING for something AND EXPECTING it to happen.  Amazing concept!  What became evident shortly after my arrival, is that this last week of my life had been leading up to this moment.
I have never been in a room with so much positive energy and love radiating from every single person present.  It was just so focused and powerful.  They practice chanting, and this was quite foreign to me, but the concept was clear- show gratitude, thanks and respect and know that you are worthy of asking for what you need AND that you will receive it.  At the end of the meeting I decided that I wanted to join this group of women and Ida being the wonderful, giving woman that she is, offered to cover my $30 membership and I could pay her back later.  Well, I thought no, I will write the check and I will expect the money to cover it will come.  Isn't that the idea?  While I was at the meeting my phone had  rang, but I had silenced it and forgot about it.  After I got home I checked messages and it was a woman calling to give me an order!  Now, let's back up a couple of days.  Thursday night I had said to Janelle that this lady had called me a few weeks ago and had professed her love of my cards and her disappointment in not being able to find them all year round.  Well, I had just opened my etsy shop http://www.thinklocal.etsy.com/ and proudly told her that she could look at my designs and just call me with her order.  So I was thinking, did she lose my number, change her mind, why hasn't she called?  Low and behold, I called her back and she placed an order for, you guessed it $30!!!  I was ecstatic!  But wait, there's more.  I also received two emails yesterday, one giving me some great ideas on expanding my artwork onto clothing ect. and the other was from a gal that is opening a shop and interested in buying some of my cards and possibly prints!  I am so grateful and excited and just brimming with joy.  Bring it on!