So...a continuation of yesterday

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So... I have been lying in bed for the last hour, too many thoughts whirling around in my pea brain, thinking "what can I write about today".  Lots of topics were popping up shouting "pick me, pick me" and then as often happens with aforementioned pea brain, I jumped into "what to do today".  Actually jumping on the treadmill was jumping up and down wanting to be IT, but then I thought that no, as I actually have yet to master my ipod, and when I say master I mean figure out how to work the damn thing, that lead me into thinking today I am going to put some new songs on that sucker, which then got me thinking about what to download.  E.N.D. by the Blackeyed Peas won out, but of course that isn't even on my computer yet since the whole thing decided to go belly up last month.  But not to be daunted I got out said ipod ready to go.  Of course, it is dead.  As in no battery, not dead like p.o.s. computer was last month, and there is the tiny problem of not even knowing where the cd is.  So... other grand plan of the day was to grab Miss Gracie and go out to the shop today to make stuff!  This got me thinking, why do I always refer to it as "my shop" as in workshop and not my STUDIO!  Who am I , Santa?  I am sure that it goes along with the artist hangup.  From now on we will refer to said space as "studio".  So fancy.  My studio in its past life was a daycare.  It is kinda funny, what used to be the "quiet room" naptime area, is where my saws and power tools reside.  There is nothing quiet about a table saw!  Of course whenever I go out there my two labs, Sara and Sophie, also think that they need to go too.  Sara loves the saws and the shop vac.  Whenever I get the vac out, which isn't often enough, she wants to be vaccuumed too!  Sophi on the other hand is like, what the heck, we don't need to drag that noisy thing into our peaceful exsistence of chewing on everything in sight!  :)  So off to the shop, er, studio!  Let's be an artist today.