Count your blessings

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Count your blessings.  How many times have we heard or said these words, but haven't really thought about what they mean?  I know I am guilty at times of not counting what is right in my life, but focusing on the negative.  Oh sure, I always think that I am grateful for my family and friends, but what about when I am wanting to shake the snotty tone out of my 11 going on 16 year old's voice?  Am I thinking about how wonderful it is that she has her own attitude and opinions, that she is finding her way, creating her own self?  No, but I am trying. 

A little trick that I have been doing lately is to follow up my complaints with gratitude.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving myself license to bitch about everything that isn't just how I think/want it to be.  No, just when I catch myself whining, I stop and myself and add "but at least I have a .... so I know I shouldn't complain.  Case in point.  I have gone back to work, its tax season.  I started 3 weeks later than usual, but at least I have a job!  Some days I only get a half day in, but that is 4 hours more than if I had the day off.  When I have an extra day off that week because we are slow (which has been at least on day everyweek for the past 3 week) I get a "bonus" day to take my granny to lunch and maybe work on some new art.

What a difference this has made in my daily outlook!  Trying to put a positive spin on each situation isn't always easy, but how rewarding to be "forced" to count your blessings and not wallow in what is not right in your life.  I have always told my girls that you can't control how other people act or what they say, you can only control how you react to it.  Do you let it get you down, or do you put your own positve spin on it?  It's about time I started practicing what I preach. :)

Today's blessings count.  I am blessed to have such a wonderful, loving family; supportive, encouraging friends; a job; Jim's huge increase in sales at work!; a warm, welcoming albeit messy home; a studio to create art in and nurture my soul; a computer to be able to connect, share and sell my wares; the sun that has been shining so much lately; my newfound confidence that I can create my future!; chanting as a way to bring peace into my life; my dogs for their sloppy wet kisses and unconditional love and devotion; Oliver the wonder cat for his wonderment at every little thing; meeting new people and their inspiring ideas on how to stretch my art into new directions; for ......