The Spirit of Ida

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"The human spirit is the strongest force there is. As long as our spirit remains unbroken, there is no defeat. In life, spiritual defeat always precedes actual defeat. Guard against laziness, cowardice, carelessness, impatience, resignation and despair which corrode the human spirit and sow the seeds of defeat." - Daisaku Ikeda

Have you ever met or even just been in the same room with someone who's spirit, their life force, is so strong it is like another presence?  Ida is like this.  She is by and far the kindest, most giving person I have ever had the pleasure to call my friend.  She is generous beyond belief with her time and friendship and genuine heartfelt caring that just touches you deep down inside.  Her spirit is infectuous, there is no escaping her!  I thank her everyday for sharing her strength and spirit with me and for making me to want to be a better person.  And not even just want it, but know that I deserve it, and that is way cool.  Thank you Ida!


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